Sunday, March 3, 2013

Photos of the 2012-2013 Exchange student year

Yes I admit it, I lost my password. :) I'm updating again with a few favorite photos of the year. I thank all of my amazingly wonderful host families. What a blessing you've provided to these students. Teens are teens and yeah, sometimes it's a challenge! Even with the very best of kids. We've loved all three of our exchange students like they were our own and especially appreciate the LeClezios for inviting Alyssa to France for the summer and Javi's family for inviting Russ and I to stay with them in Spain. We feel that we have family and friends all over the world. This year has been crazy for our family with selling our home acre and moving but we're slowly settling in and looking forward to the new batch of students for the 2013-2014 year. We're currently interviewing host families for the kids who will arrive in August. CIEE is a nonprofit agency and students will all come with spending money and insurance of their own. Host families provide meals and a loving home. The students will go to your regular neighborhood high school and participate with your family in your normal activities. For more info feel free to call me at 801-200-8922 or email Now here are some fun pics of this year. :)

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