Sunday, March 3, 2013

Our trip to Spain with Javi and family

First disclaimer...I don't know how to space the many photos with the words so sometimes they run onto the next photo. My apologies. I need a blogger teacher. haha. I hope that dear Maria will forgive me for this. We always laugh that the exchange students think our bathrooms are strange and we hear from a lot of them that they miss the "water" which we didn't understand until a dear Thai girl explained it and we realized they meant a bidet. Therefore we were a bit fascinated with the facilities in Spain. While neither of us dared to use the water, we did enjoy taking a picture. We enjoyed delicious home cooked food in our host home. It's interesting how something as basic as meat can have so many different international flavors. The jamon and lomo were very unique from what we are used to. It made me laugh because my european students say they love ham but then don't love our ham. NOW we understand why. They are completely different tastes. A little downtown flavor thanks to our guide Javi. The churros were divine and they were dipped in the thickest hot chocolate I've ever tasted. I think it was like pudding. Yes, I admit to singing songs from the musical DonQuixote in front of this statue of him. Some foods are different, Jamon museum and much seafood that I've never "sean" and even McDonald's served very different European food. A gigantic leaf, they were all over, and some squeeze cheese from America. Guillermo said it tasted like butter. We spent a whole day at the art museum and saw beautiful classics such as Goya's works. The yogurt (in glass) was divine! Maria made us delicious pastry with tuna inside at home and we had lovely marzipan for dessert. The picture with the hot chocolate and croissant and little cookie was in McDonald's, complete with a marble staircase. The rain in spain falls mainly on the plain...I mean street We went to Carrefour, or Spanish walmart as Javi called it, and found the scariest looking fish I've ever seen. Also, they had two shelves of American foods so we bought some marshmallows and made microwaved smores on breakfast fiber biscuits. Went to the mall and had yummy tiny sandwiches that came in a vast assortment, Javi is demonstrating the exit sign. Also, I didn't get a picture but the crosswalks have a little walking man on them but instead of a hand to say stop, as it gets closer to stopping time the little man starts running faster and faster. What a clever idea and it makes much more sense but I wanted to stop halfway through each time just to see him. Guillermo eating our version of smores. What a cutie! I hope he is able to come exchange when he is older. And, lastly, our churros fried in olive oil with our chocolate pudding hot chocolate. Javi's father took us here on the way to the airport very early in the morning. It was all divine and made me laugh remembering the first time Alda had hot chocolate here and she thought it was so strange that there was no milk or anything. No wonder. It must have tasted like water comparatively. The food was awesome, the house was so cute and well thought out, everything you could ever need is in a tiny space and it was very welcoming and warm. Thanks to Guillermo for bunking with Javi so we could take over your room. We thank our gracious hosts for this amazing trip. Editing to add that the little unicorn in the pictures was from Ana. She was so sad that she couldn't come to see Javi. She had really attached to him at our Disneyland trip. So, she handed me her little unicorn that she slept with at night and asked if it could come instead. We tried to take many pictures with the little toy so she could see it.

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  1. You are so welcome :D We had an amazing time with you guys!!