Thursday, March 8, 2012

It's time to approve families for the 2012-2013 students!

I'm looking through applications and approving host families for the 2012-2013 school year.

If you would like to volunteer your home and family to host an exchange student now is the time to start. We need hosts as 6 week welcome families and also hosts for the school year. It's an amazing experience for people of any age or family style. Yes, you do get to choose the student who fits your family the best. We have a full profile of each student and you may see them after you are approved to host. It is one of the most fulfilling volunteer experiences you will ever have. Bring the world to your home and gain a new family member from across the world.

Hosts provide meals, a bedroom that may be shared with a sibling close in age and loving guidance. Students will have their own spending money for personal needs, admissions for outings, etc. They also have good insurance in the USA. They live as part of your family and will do the same things that you do.

You can start by calling, emailing or filling out an application here.

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