Monday, October 10, 2011

South Korea in Summer plans

How fun to google your child's name and see some news articles. I didn't know they had been done. :)

This one is from the Davis County Clipper

WEST POINT — South Korea will be the destination of Alyssa Amott this coming August.

Amott, a student at NUAMES in Layton, is one of 100 high school students selected to participate in the third-annual South Korea Scholarship Program for high school students.

Students will be hosted by Yonsei University, South Korea’s oldest and most acclaimed university, located in Seoul, South Korea, for two weeks of study.

“I am excited to learn more about a new culture and a new viewpoint instead of just what we get in America,” said Amott. “The exchange students that I have known all know so much more about American politics than Americans do because they really study our policies. It will be amazing to learn about us from across the world.

“I am also so excited to learn about their country, their government and the way that they live. The people I have met from South Korea have always been so kind and respectful. They have made a wonderful impression on me and I hope I can do the same in their country,” she said.

Participants will attend academic lectures, tours and cultural excursions throughout the program, which is intended to foster understanding and diplomacy between the U.S. and South Korea.

As a participant, Amott will represent the United States and NUAMES and, according to information provided by the organization, “return with unique experiences and invaluable confidence and optimism for their futures.”

Others interested in the program can learn more or apply to participate at

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