Thursday, June 2, 2011

Alyssa is going to South Korea!

WOW! My amazing daughter Alyssa is going to South Korea to study this summer! I am so thankful to CIEE and to South Korea for this opportunity. She met some of the students from South Korea when we were at a convention and she always talks about how kind and respectful they were. This will be a whole different world for her and a truly educational experience. Thanks CIEE for providing a wonderful non-profit opportunity. We're looking forward to many others such as the teaching programs where you can actually teach English in a foreign country. This is one of Alyssa's goals for the future. Check out the CIEE website for more information on outbound programs and opportunities and let me know if you would like to host a student in your home.

One last thing, YAY!!!!!!!!!! Pictures will follow in August. :.)

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