Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Yana from Russia makes Petrushka Soup

A Word from Our Chef: What is a national dish? For me it's an art work! And right now we are starting to create a portrait of a national Russian hero, Petrushka, who is a funny guy, clown.
I imagine a spoon to be a magic brush in the arms of an artist and at the same time- cook, who is me. The colors are ingredients; the paper is a pot- we are ready to create!
As my host sister is a vegetarian, I didn't use traditional piece of meat. I pealed 4 potatoes, cut them into slices and put it into boiling, salty water with seasoning- that was a "face" of our character! Little cute nose was a piece of garlic, which I also added to the pot.
To give some color and expression to this funny face I needed to: cut cabbage into thin slices, fry onion till it becomes golden, peel some carrots. For the red cheeks and lips of Petrushka character I used the whole can of tomato paste and some green pickled tomatoes, which were the guy's eyes (here I couldn't find red pickle tomatoes, like I used in Russia, but American ones were very "exotic").
I put everything listed above on the frying pan and kept it frying on the low heat under the lid. When this stuff was ready, I put it into the pot and left for about twenty minutes, until it was ready.
Petrushka also has curly, thick hair, so I added a simple green onion, cut into rings. Ah! How nice Russian funny character, Petrushka was! And how tasty-certainly I speak about the borsht soup!
Listening to the Russian popular songs, we were sitting at the table, eating borsht with traditional wooden spoons and bread chips! In the pictures you see the napkins, made by my granny, who knows some old Russian handicraft secrets! The salt box and tea tin are from Russia as well!
I think, you don't even need to ask my family, weather they liked my borsht, as you can see their opinion on their smiling faces- the Lee family enjoyed my traditional Russian soup! I'm sure, after such a great dinner, my host family will certainly ask me for the everyday Russian dishes dinners, and I definitely will be glad to create new art works in the kitchen!

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