Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sang-kha-ya-fug-thong, Custard in Pumpkin

from Kanokwan, a CIEE student from Thailand
Sang-kha-ya-fug-thong (Custard in Pumpkin, Thai Dessert)

Ingredients and Preparation:
It's really easy to make, just use eggs sugar coconut milk(or milk) a little bit salt and PUMPKIN~*
I got about 1 1/2 kg pumpkin. First, take seeds out and clean pumpkin with water and dry it.
During waiting pumpkin dry... put 4 eggs and 4 1/2 spoons of sugar in a big bowl.....stir it well. After that put 2 cups of coconut milk or milk and a spoon of salt in a bowl, stir it until it has bubbles and looks smooth. Wrap the hole and put pumpkin on a bowl, take i in microwave set 60 minutes. Take it out waiting about 5 minutes for make it cool down...cut and serve! or put in refrigerator to eat cool.......enjoy it!
*fug-thong = pumpkin
Sang-kha-ya = custard

This is another way to cook it.

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