Saturday, April 16, 2011

Our radio interview and fun day downtown!

We have a great train system that connects many cities in Utah together. This is how we are able to easily connect many of the exchange students for activities. We rode the frontrunner into Salt Lake City to do our first radio show with an amazing woman, Nkoyo Iyamba. She does a radio show called Cultural Connections and that is what our exchange program is all about, connecting cultures! We had Miranda-Regional Director, Danika-Local Coordinator, Alyssa-future host sister and future exchange sister, Hanxi-exchange student and Julie-Hanxi's host mom. What a great experience. You can hear Cultural Connections every Sunday morning between 7-8am on 102.7 fm or 1160 am or you can find the recorded podcast here
You can hear us on April 24th, 2011. Nkoyo does so much great work helping people understand other people. It was a pleasure to be a part of her show.

My new knowledge for the day came from Hanxi. I found out that people in China do not have access to youtube, facebook or other networking sites. Hanxi wanted to go to the "apoo store" and she was a great sport as we taught her the "L" sound. We must have looked pretty funny running around the stores saying, "apple, apple, apple" with our tongues sticking out for the L. She did a great job though. :.)

We saw so many people running in the Salt Lake Marathon. I cried...a lot! What dedication these people have to be able to run 26 miles. It really got to me. We saw a few very special runners such as a man who pushed his son in a special wheelchair the whole marathon and a soldier who ran carrying a very large American flag.

Afterward we did a little shopping at Gateway mall and we even met an author at Barnes and Noble bookstore, Alicia Buck. She was even kind enough to let the girls get a picture with her.

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