Sunday, March 6, 2011

Activity at Thanksgiving Point

We had fun interviewing a great new family who adopted 4 kids from China and would like to host so her kids can learn about their heritage. It was a little drive for us so we decided to make a fun day of it and visit Thanksgiving Point. Of course, we picked up Hanxi, our exchange neighbor and friend. Her favorite animals were the turkeys. The white peacock was a favorite too, so beautiful. Hanxi thought that American Fork and Spanish Fork were funny names so we had a word lesson of the day of the different meanings of Fork. Now every time I hear the names of those cities I picture a fork painted like a flag. :.) She taught us the names of the farm animals in Chinese. It's amazing how quickly my kids picked them up. Now at home they refer to our animals by their Chinese names.

Alyssa and Hanxi with the cow that thought it was a kept rubbing up for petting and then licked us.

This was the beautiful white peacock.

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