Thursday, February 17, 2011

Welcoming Hanxi

What a great day.  I got to pick up Hanxi (Han-she) and deliver her to her new host mom Julie.  They are going to make a great family. We first brought her to our home to introduce her to the kids.  She saw the horses which are usually a first for Chinese students and it was this time too.  Hanxi loved them and Misty really loved her back.  She played with Elly, my niece that I was watching, and just didn't want to give her up when it was time to go.  I wish Hanxi and Julie the best of experiences!
Today we get to enroll in classes at a local private school and go shopping for uniforms!  What fun!  Hanxi is excited to go to a uniformed school because she doesn't have to pick what to wear every day.

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