Tuesday, February 15, 2011

And we're off!

This is great!  I'm so excited to start blogging about our new foreign exchange adventure.  We met our first CIEE exchange friends a few months ago when Mindee brought a girl from Slovakia.   She and Alyssa hung out for a while and found out about each other.  When they left we all decided that we really wanted to bring the world to our home.  Since then we have met many other students and their American families.  Alyssa just went to Hardware ranch with some of them and had a blast.  I guess I should tell you where it all really started.
We homeschooled for 12 years and in our homeschooling adventure we learned to LOVE learning.  Part of our love has been for languages.  We started with CDs of foreign music.  The kids all know a few songs in many languages but I also believe that it helped them develop the correct syntax in their brains while they were young.  When they got older they all studied languages.  Andrew's favorite is German, Alyssa's is French, they all studied Latin and Spanish.  Two years ago Alyssa started talking about visiting France and we looked into several exchange programs.  We were too nervous to send Alyssa out at the time but we did think about having a student in our home.  I'd heard a few horror stories and I remembered some students from High School and I wasn't sure we were ready to deal with that.  Last year I found CIEE and have been researching them ever since.  I've decided that it's the best company for us to work with and not only did we love it so much that we're taking a student but I also get to be a local coordinator and  help place kids in other homes in Utah.  YAY!  We are so excited to start our new adventure!

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