Monday, February 28, 2011

Gai Tod Gra Tiem Prik Tai (Thai Garlic Pepper Chicken)

Ingredients (3 servings):
1 tbsp of soy sauce
1/2 lb of chicken breast (sliced bite-size)
3 servings of rice
6 cloves of average size garlic
1 teaspoon of black pepper (crushed into powder)
3 spring onions, ends trimmed, white and some green parts sliced into thin coins
2 tbsp of vegetable oil
* decorations: sliced fresh tomatoes/cucumber
1. Marinate the chicken with vegetable oil, soy sauce and 2 gloves of garlic (crushed) for 15 minutes. During this time, follow step 2 & 3.
2. Heat large frying pan, pour in small amount of vegetable oil. Chop the rest 4 gloves of garlic and fry in the heated pan. Stir until it turns golden, put in a separate plate.
3. Prepare the rice.
4. Fry the marinated chicken. Once the chicken turns brown, add the sliced spring onion and cooked for a little while until it's cooked.
5. Sprinkle fried garlic (from step 2) on chicken, and serve with rice. Enjoy!

A word from Our Chef: The reason why I choose this dish to share with my host family is because it is one of my family's favorite dishes back home. It is easy to prepare (which suits my cooking skill!) and thought to be delicious by most people. Garlic and pepper are easy-to-find ingredients. My host family and I had a wonderful time cooking together.
It is always excited to try new recipes. It is a little more excited for us because I started this dish from scratch! We guarantee, that it is tasty, and that you will be surprised how well garlic and pepper goes together!
Hannah, my exchange sister from Germany took these pictures. We worked together to measure the ingredients to make sure the taste will turn out right. It is so much fun doing it together with your family. The three of us like this meal and we want to share it with you!
Chotiga from Thailand

Service projects

Look at these cute CIEE kids volunteering at the local nursing home.

Friday, February 25, 2011

This is a small?

I'm learning that in America we think big. When Hanxi and I went to Wendy's she ordered a small coke. Once was handed out the window and I passed it along to her. She politely tried to tell me that it wasn't hers. She ordered a small.
"Welcome to America!", I said as I passed the coke over.
"This is a small?"

Friday, February 18, 2011

Luiza on Halloween

This is Luiza from Spain and her American sister.  She had so much fun on Halloween and celebrated as Dorothy from the very American OZ. And, here's the "haul" picture afterward.  :.)  Luiza is with her two American sisters and her American brother.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Shopping for uniforms and a phone

Today we went shopping for uniforms since Hanxi is going to a private school.  She also chose a phone.  I was glad to hear of the tracfones that are pre-paid and can be loaded with more minutes or texting by purchasing a card at almost any store.  The phone was only $19.95 and the card to add 400 minutes/texts was around $20 also.  What a great way for the student to have a cell phone to keep in contact with their American family.  It was very easy to set up and to add minutes to the account.  Of course, Hanxi brought her own money to buy her phone, minutes, and uniform.
Today we learned that in China, most homes do not have ovens so it will be a novelty to bake here.  Hanxi said they live in a very tiny apartment and there would be no room for an oven.

Welcoming Hanxi

What a great day.  I got to pick up Hanxi (Han-she) and deliver her to her new host mom Julie.  They are going to make a great family. We first brought her to our home to introduce her to the kids.  She saw the horses which are usually a first for Chinese students and it was this time too.  Hanxi loved them and Misty really loved her back.  She played with Elly, my niece that I was watching, and just didn't want to give her up when it was time to go.  I wish Hanxi and Julie the best of experiences!
Today we get to enroll in classes at a local private school and go shopping for uniforms!  What fun!  Hanxi is excited to go to a uniformed school because she doesn't have to pick what to wear every day.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

And we're off!

This is great!  I'm so excited to start blogging about our new foreign exchange adventure.  We met our first CIEE exchange friends a few months ago when Mindee brought a girl from Slovakia.   She and Alyssa hung out for a while and found out about each other.  When they left we all decided that we really wanted to bring the world to our home.  Since then we have met many other students and their American families.  Alyssa just went to Hardware ranch with some of them and had a blast.  I guess I should tell you where it all really started.
We homeschooled for 12 years and in our homeschooling adventure we learned to LOVE learning.  Part of our love has been for languages.  We started with CDs of foreign music.  The kids all know a few songs in many languages but I also believe that it helped them develop the correct syntax in their brains while they were young.  When they got older they all studied languages.  Andrew's favorite is German, Alyssa's is French, they all studied Latin and Spanish.  Two years ago Alyssa started talking about visiting France and we looked into several exchange programs.  We were too nervous to send Alyssa out at the time but we did think about having a student in our home.  I'd heard a few horror stories and I remembered some students from High School and I wasn't sure we were ready to deal with that.  Last year I found CIEE and have been researching them ever since.  I've decided that it's the best company for us to work with and not only did we love it so much that we're taking a student but I also get to be a local coordinator and  help place kids in other homes in Utah.  YAY!  We are so excited to start our new adventure!